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We are committed to round-the-clock care and medical services. We invite you to visit us and discover firsthand our modern facilities and the exceptional quality of service we provide. Groenkloof fully adheres to industry standards in the care sector.

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Groenkloof Care Assessment - we have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals available to assist residents in assessing their health needs, exploring different care options for the future, and creating a personalised care plan.
Groenkloof Care Assessment - we have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals available to assist residents in assessing their health needs, exploring different care options for the future, and creating a personalised care plan.

Care Assessment

We understand the importance of planning for future needs, which brings peace of mind. That's why we have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals available to assist residents in assessing their health needs, exploring different care options for the future, and creating a personalised care plan.

Groenkloof benefits from the exceptional health care provided by independent service providers Garden Route Health Care (PTY) Ltd and Southern Healthcare (PTY) Ltd who’s mission it is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of our residents.

Our Care Services

Welcome to the Groenkloof Rehabilitation and Sub-acute Hospital, a premier medical facility dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients in need of rehabilitation following injuries, illnesses, or surgeries.

When a patient is referred to our hospital by specialists, our multidisciplinary team conducts a thorough evaluation on admission. The team comprising a doctor, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists designs a personalised treatment plan based on the patient’s medical condition and the referring specialist’s instructions.

Our nursing services encompass the following:

  • Post-operative care and recovery after surgery or trauma;
  • Recovery after heart attacks, orthopedic and pulmonary care;
  • Rehabilitation and mobilisation after a brain injury, accident, or stroke.
  • As a member of the National Hospital Network, the George Rehabilitation, and Sub-acute Hospital operates with a practice number issued by the Board of Healthcare Funders. This ensures that all medical aid claims related to rehabilitation and sub-acute care are efficiently processed and managed.

    The Frail Care Service at Groenkloof is specifically designed to provide long-term care for residents who require comprehensive support beyond what can be provided at home or in the Assisted Living Apartments. Our compassionate team understands the unique needs of the physically frail, and we strive to offer a safe, nurturing, and homely environment where they feel safe and supported.

    Our nursing staff provides a wide range of essential services, including:

    • 24-hour supervision and care to ensure the well-being of our residents.
    • Admission, discharging, and counselling services facilitate a smooth transition.
    • Administering medication, including dispensing, overseeing, and accurately charting medications. We are also prepared to handle any emergencies that may arise;
    • Promptly contacting physicians when needed for timely medical attention;
    • Regular evaluation of residents through observations, physical and mental assessments, and comprehensive reporting.
    • Performing all necessary nursing procedures to ensure optimal care;
    • Conducting activities ad maintaining infection control measures for the well-being of our residents

    Care above the Care Norm:

    In addition to our standard care, we also offer “Care above the Care Norm” for Frail Care residents who require constant supervision and extended periods of care.

    Our dedicated team of carers provides specialised services that include:

    • Assisting with bed washes or showers to ensure personal hygiene;
    • Providing support for toilet hygiene;
    • Care and attention to pressure points to prevent discomfort and bedsores;
    • Ensuring oral hygiene is maintained;
    • Offering hand and foot care to promote comfort and well-being;
    • Assisting with functional mobility to support daily activities;

    At our Frail Care Facility, we are committed to going above and beyond to provide the highest level of care for our Frail Care residents. We prioritise their safety, comfort, and overall quality of life ensuring they feel valued and cared for.

    The Assisted Living Apartments in Groenkloof offer a unique living option that promotes independence while ensuring supervision and assistance with daily activities as needed. We understand that as we age, there may come a time when assistance with certain tasks becomes necessary but preserving autonomy remains of utmost importance.

    We recognise that individuals who have been accustomed to managing businesses or families may find it challenging to acknowledge their evolved care needs, such as assistance with medication management, bathing, or dressing. But in Assisted Living, residents receive the support they require without compromising their independence. With daily contact and 24-hour assistance available from the Care Unit, residents can rest assured that help is readily accessible.

    The Apartments are not only suitable for those in need of assistance but also appeal to fully independent seniors seeking a lifestyle with fewer responsibilities. These residents appreciate the convenience of a lock-up-and-go accommodation solution, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a smaller, low-maintenance living space while still having access to various amenities and services.

    Our Assisted Living Apartments offer a comfortable and supportive environment and a balance between independence, privacy, and the reassurance of knowing that assistance is readily available when needed.

    Our Assisted Living Apartments are situated in a secure gated community, near communal recreational facilities. Indoor facilities such as the dining hall, chapel, exercise area, hair salon, and library, ensure a secure and comfortable living space which makes it unnecessary to venture outside on cold and rainy days.

    The following services are available to Assisted Living residents:

    • Daily lunch with your choice of eating in the restaurant or the comfort of your own home. Lunch is included in the Apartment levies whilst breakfast and dinner are optional at an additional cost;
    • 24-hour supervision
    • Assistance with medication
    • Personal Care assistance (bathing, dressing, grooming, eating)
    • Housekeeping and laundry
    • Health and exercise programs
    • Social, cultural, and educational activities;
    • Gated community
    • Emergency call system;
    • The intercom system connects residents with the Care Unit
    • Access to recreational and communal facilities.

    Groenkloof Residents can conveniently access clinic services on-site at the Clinics within the Care Units during designated clinic hours. Our dedicated clinic nursing staff offers a wide range of medical services such as the following:

    • Observation services for minor ailments: Measurement of pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, the testing of urine and blood sugar levels, and administration of eye/ear drops.
    • Clinic services on doctor's prescription: Administration of injections, removal of staples and stitches, administration of enema and suppositories, primary wound care, and drawing of blood.

    Groenkloof Homeowners and Assisted Living residents who take care of their significant other can make use of the Daycare service daily as and when needed. We acknowledge that caring in general is physically and emotionally taxing and the Daycare service provides a much-needed break to the caring partner.

    The service operates on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 and is scheduled with the Care Unit in advance. The Daycare service entails the following:

    • Access to resting areas;
    • Provision of the necessary care based on individual requirements;
    • Meals as arranged with the caterers.

    When homeowners continue to live at home, their care needs are typically minimal and temporary because they take care of themselves. However, if the need for care arises, a wide range of short-term, transitional, and long-term care options are available to them.

    For instance, short-term care services can be conveniently scheduled directly with the clinic and are designed to address momentary care requirements, such as post-operative care or acute illness care, for a period not exceeding five weeks.

    Residents who require a higher level of care for a period exceeding five weeks can benefit from transitional care services. These services provide convenient temporary care until long-term care plans are put into action.

    At Groenkloof, there are five long-term home-based care options available to homeowners and residents of Assisted Living Apartments. These options encompass the flexibility of engaging private caregivers or Groenkloof caregivers to provide home-based care services. This allows residents to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes.