Social Care at the Groenkloof Hub
Garden Route, South Africa

Social Care at the
Groenkloof Hub

We believe that being actively involved is vital to enjoying retirement to the fullest.

At Groenkloof, Social Care encompasses a range of services and support systems aimed at enabling our residents to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Moreover, it includes emotional support in the form of companionship, and social interaction, helping to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Our communal facilities enable social interaction and promote a vibrant community by providing excellent opportunities for residents to engage in cultural and social events, as well as recreational activities. Many residents enjoy engaging, building relationships, sharing experiences, stories, and laughter, and they testify to having a sense of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.

Our popular restaurant at Groenkloof Hub, our flagship Lifestyle Centre in George, is a vibrant place of convergence while other facilities such as the metal and woodwork workshops, pottery, and art studios, and the many Clubs, help residents maintain and grow their interests. Residents can join any one of the many Clubs that meet regularly.

The Groenkloof Wellness and Aquatic Centre with its gym and a heated pool further contribute to the health and well-being of our residents.

Specialised support groups offer valuable support and information to residents working through challenging circumstances.

At Groenkloof our commitment to supporting our residents extends to our philosophy of minimising administrative burdens for our Life Right Holders. If our Life Right Holders come across any account-related questions or concerns, we offer quick and convenient resolution through easy access to our administrative offices located at the Hub.